Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Empty Ring Box and my Grandmother

Over the past years, my Grandmother has given me many treasures from furniture to jewelry.  Recently she gave me a little ring box that sparked my interest.  There was no ring in the box but a little story that came with it was far more touching.
Sometime in the 1940's my Grandmother was walking home from her job and noticed a ring in the window of Ciro Jewelry store.  Ciro was a higher end costume jewelry store in London.  She enquired about the ring and it was far too expensive for her.  Over the next year she saved until she had enough to purchase the ring.  She knew it was splurging to buy it, but after years of rationing and being frugal because of the war effort.....she needed to have some beauty and a little frivolous purchase to remind her she was in her 20's.
The little ring box represents my Grandmother to me, her strength and determination.  It also gives me an insight on her journey through life, her work ethic and love of all beautiful things.  Her house was broken into many years ago and the ring was taken, but the story and this little ring box still remain. 
My Grandmother Betty turned 92 in November and enjoys playing on her Mac laptop, listening to the CBC and doing puzzles.

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