Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Empty Ring Box and my Grandmother

Over the past years, my Grandmother has given me many treasures from furniture to jewelry.  Recently she gave me a little ring box that sparked my interest.  There was no ring in the box but a little story that came with it was far more touching.
Sometime in the 1940's my Grandmother was walking home from her job and noticed a ring in the window of Ciro Jewelry store.  Ciro was a higher end costume jewelry store in London.  She enquired about the ring and it was far too expensive for her.  Over the next year she saved until she had enough to purchase the ring.  She knew it was splurging to buy it, but after years of rationing and being frugal because of the war effort.....she needed to have some beauty and a little frivolous purchase to remind her she was in her 20's.
The little ring box represents my Grandmother to me, her strength and determination.  It also gives me an insight on her journey through life, her work ethic and love of all beautiful things.  Her house was broken into many years ago and the ring was taken, but the story and this little ring box still remain. 
My Grandmother Betty turned 92 in November and enjoys playing on her Mac laptop, listening to the CBC and doing puzzles.

Monday, 13 January 2014

Lucky 2014 - Discovering the Frame Wall

For the past two years I have bought a Lucky 2013-14 Hoop Embroidery from a shop on Etsy called HoopsyDaisies.  This shop is based out of Athens, Greece and has wonderful paper garlands and embroidery hoop art.
My Lucky 2013 Hoop brought a lot of change in our home for my Partner and myself; change of jobs, rediscovery of our passions, new friends, and a lot of personal growth.  If the Lucky 2014 is anything similar to its predecessor, this should be another great year. 
Currently my Lucky 2013-14 hoops are in a shadow box hung on my world famous frame wall (well famous with our friends). 
Lucky 2013, Lucky 2014 Embroidery Hoops from HoopsyDasies

A section of my frame wall.

Lucky 2014 Hoop - Photo by HoopsyDasies

Friday, 10 January 2014

Rafael Canada and The Women's Liberation Movement

Rafael adored women, their strength and courage.  Some of his most unusual designs are based around the Women's Liberation Movement.  Throughout the late 1960-1970s during the Women's Liberation Movement, he would occasionally design pieces to celebrate feminism. 

Women's Liberation Necklace in Brass
An Early Example of his work - Venus of Willendorf

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Collecting Rafael Canada - Rafael Alfandary Rings

If you are interested in collecting Rafael Canada jewelry, one of the easiest to wear and most diverse areas is his rings.  Almost all of his rings are adjustable in size and they also come in a multitude of stunning rich colors.  Brass is the most common material used followed by copper, silver tone metal and sterling silver. 
Each one is truly a work of wearable art.


Sunday, 5 January 2014

Quebec Modernist Enamel Jewelry

de Passille - Sylvestre Brooch - Picture by Scandimania
In the 1960-70's Quebec seemed to produce more then just Brutalist jewelry designers, it also produced a large handful of talented Modernist Enamel Artists.  I believe when these enamel items were originally produced, they were more of a souvenir you would pick up on a trip to Montreal.  They have become highly collectable over the past few years being that they are easy to wear and lend themselves to our modern aesthetics.
Key designers include; de Passille - Sylvestre, Robert Gervais, Jules Perrier, Claude Perrier, Monique Olivier, and Andre Gagneau.

Gervais Necklace - Picture by Oselart
Claude Perrier Necklace
Erotica de Passille - Sylvestre Belt Buckle - Picture by Scandimania
Monique Olivier Necklace

Saturday, 4 January 2014

Brutalist Design in Canada

Canada in the 1960-70's was really at the forefront of Modernist Jewelry and Design.  For some reason Canada as a whole embraced the Brutalist aesthetic.  Everything from buildings to chastity belts were created in Brutalist design. 

Robert Larin Necklace
To most people today who are not familiar with this design aesthetic, Brutalism comes across a crude, sloppy and sometimes aggressive.  The more you study it, the more you realize how it is actually a very controlled and organic form of design.  Most pieces have a sense of fluidity and are works of art. 
Some of my favorite Canadian Brutalist jewelry designers are Robert Larin, Guy Vidal, Rafael Alfandary, Jean Claude Darveau and Bernard Chaudron. 

Guy Vidal Brooches
Jean Claude Darveau Necklace and Earrings
Robert Larin Gold Plated Necklace
Rafael Alfandary "Muhammad Ali" Necklace in Copper and Brass

Friday, 3 January 2014

Rafael Canada Nautical Inspiration

Over the past year of collecting Rafael Canada jewelry, I have noticed a love of all things nautical in his designs.  I have owned several pieces ranging from Anchors to Ship Wheels.  All very unique and all still very wearable!
Ships Ahoy!

Rafael Canada Copper Anchor Necklace with glass stone
Rafael Canada Ship Wheel necklace with green glass stone
Rafael Canada Brass Boat