Thursday, 13 December 2012

Entertain in Vintage Style - Glo Hill

With the ever increasing popularity of anything Mid Century and Bakelite, it is amazing prices have not increased more for Glo-Hill items. 
Glo-Hill is known for its serving ware, cutlery and wonderful use of Mid Century design and Bakelite.  It was one of the last companies to keep using Bakelite even with cheaper plastics becoming available. 
With the resurgence of "entertaining" at home (Kinfolk Magazine, Simple Things, etc) Glo-Hill prices are sure to climb. 

Entertain in Affordable Vintage Style.

Glo Hill Serving Dish $30
Glo Hill Tray $25
Glo Hill Carving Set $25
Set of 2 Glo Hill Trays $48